Finding exceptional employees that also fit with the climate and culture of your individual organization is difficult. That’s why TriQuest doesn’t just farm out dozens of resumes to hundreds of job openings. We work in concert with job providers and job seekers to find the best match, one where both can thrive. But we do more than that. We provide you with an analysis of the competitive landscape that affects your market. This includes market trends and insights, retention statistics and national salary updates, so you are able to assess your hiring needs relative to current market conditions. In the end you will be able to describe the positions you need with more clarity and objectivity. This information also helps you determine the appropriate compensation for the talent you are seeking.

We Go One Step Further

TriQuest’s Talent and Solutions Consultants are knowledgeable about your industry and the type of positions that are vital to continued productivity and growth. Our comprehensive screening process identifies top-notch talent, but at TriQuest we go one step further. By analyzing your specific corporate goals, structure and organization, we can match our highly-qualified candidates to your specific needs with an eye on retention and suitability.

Additional Services

In addition to our comprehensive screening and matching process, TriQuest also provides the following services:

  • Background Checks
  • E-verify for Employment Eligibility
  • Reference Checks

Tailored Services

TriQuest strives to build long-term partnerships with our industry employers. We get to know them on a deeper level which helps us provide exceptional candidates time and time again. No more posting on cluttered, broad-based placement sites that give you hundreds of hits with no qualified applicants. We work with you to tailor your job descriptions, provide clear compensation and incentive packages, and adequate time lines to attract the best talent. TriQuest services are designed to provide you with a good match with a dynamic candidate saving you time and money.

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